QSB Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Queen Street Backpackers Tips and Tricks. From here we'll provide latest ways to make your daily life just that little bit easier.

Try them out for yourself. In our hostel or even at home.

Cheers QSB Team

The Tips:

  • When packing liquids for flights be sure to use plastic wrap to cover under the lid to prevent any spilling inside of your bag.
  • Cool drinks in 3 minutes flat. Wrap the drink in wet paper towel and put it in the freezer. It will be cold in 3 minutes.
  • For free Wi-Fi at airports add “?.jpg” to any URL and it should let you use the internet for free.
  • Easier to see in the dark. When you wake up late at night cover one eye with your hand and leave the other and when you uncover your eye it should be more adjusted to the lack of light in the room
  • If you’re about to sneeze but just can’t seem to look up at a bright light and you will sneeze almost without fail.
  • To skip all other floors on an elevator press and hold the door close button then the desired floor and hold. 9/10 times it should bypass all other floors and take you directly to yours.
  • Using your hand as a ruler. Measure your hand from your fingertips to your palm and memorize it. If you ever need to measure anything it will be a rough indication of the measurement of the object.
  • Open a banana by pinching the stem it will be easier to peel that way.
  • Shoes make great cup and bottle holders.
  • Put a wooden spoon over a boiling pot it will prevent any liquid from boiling over.
  • Want perfect pancakes? Use a tomato sauce bottle. (Clean Of Course)
  • Cut a hole big enough for an MP3 device when a toilet paper roll finishes to create cheap handy speakers.
  • Need to cool a drink bottle? Lay it on its side in a freezer then add water once frozen for ice cold water.
  • Use a piece of duct tape to easily unscrew difficult jar lids.
  • When watching a DVD. Don’t use play now. Pick the first scene it will skip trailers and copyrights.
  • Having trouble getting up in the morning. Keep a bottle of water handy and drink it to wake up easier in the morning.
  • When heating leftovers form a circle in the centre it will make the food heat faster.
  • Not sure if your eggs are good? Check if they float. If they float do not open!
  • Banana Peels can shine your shoes!
  • Soap bar coming to an end? Plant it on a new one!
  • Eating Apples in the morning will wake you up better than coffee ever will!
  • Dental Floss makes a tremendous cake cutter
  • Got important documents or receipts and they keep getting creased? Put them in a ziplock bag with a piece of cardboard.
  • Too many of those annoying auto-emails? Filter them by the word 'Unsubscribe'.
  • Sticks of spaghetti are very good for lighting candles.
  • Need Directions? Ask a pizza place. (Or ask the helpful staff at QSB)
  • Itchy Bug Bites getting you down? Try rubbing a banana peel on the affected skin.